Tuesday, May 20, 2008

homemade bread why not called 'handmade' bread

After uploading numerous cooking images in Facebook, I would like to give a go to write my blog. This gives more space for me to write. I know it requires a lot of time and commitment but you got to start from somewhere isn't it?

Bread baking is my new hobby but I think I got the grasp of it nicely. Funny enough, I seem to like it more than baking cakes. Less fattening I suppose and bread is part of the stable diet in Europe. There are just so many variations you can make to your dough. I have restrained myself to get a bread machine and it's more special to have handmade bread. Everything handmade is more precious anyway, agree? Oh! just realise I am using the word 'handmade'. I was thinking of using my hands working on the dough. All of a sudden I am wondering why we always call 'homemade' bread but not 'handmade' bread, could it be because not to mix up with "handmade bags"? Sorry I love BAGS too!!! Probably this hobby will enable me to buy fewer bags but to make more breads.......or BAGuettes.

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