Thursday, May 22, 2008

long table vs round table

When I was in HK, I seldom invite my friends to come to have dinner parties at my home for two main reasons:

  • I lived with my parents
  • HK is too convenient with all kinds of cuisines you want: from causal to formal at all price levels

Now that living in Basel, it's more common to invite friends over from time to time. It is very enjoyable to have these types of gathering, it's more relaxing and fun than dining in restaurants, I must say. They are more formal in general here. In my opinion, if you eat out, you should feel relaxed. One more thing I found is that it's easier to chat with your friends when you are in someones place. Why? Do you notice that in general the Western style restaurants use long tables and Chinese restaurants use round tables? I find it more difficult to mingle with the group when you sit in long table. You end up only be able chatting with your left and right. And in the end the group dinner splits in 2 or more subgroups. And of course you can challenge that what about those big round table for 12 people, but that's more a banquet occasion.

Anyway, after sharing my funny views, I have come to an idea to note down my favorite dishes that are suitable to prepare for a causal party or an apéro. May be you feel the same problem to decide what you would like to prepare for your friends some times. I personally find a group of 6 or 8 people maximum will be most ideal, too many people I find it rather difficult to handle if you want to have some decent food.

I am going to write about guacamole as my first favorite snack.

Please do feel free to add in and give some suggestions to me and perhaps share your recipes.

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